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4 Gmail Apps That Will Help You Become More Organised

Processing email can be a long and tedious job, not to mention extremely distracting. It is easy to live at the mercy of your inbox and spend whole days composing replies, searching for certain messages and feeling overwhelmed when your inbox is full again within 5 minutes of clearing it out. If you are a Gmail user take a look at these 4 apps which will help you to redeem wasted time and just generally become more organised.


Boomerang is an email scheduling and follow up app. With Boomerang you can write and email and then schedule it to be sent at a later time or date using the ‘send later’ button and time/date picker. Boomerang also allows you to schedule certain emails to come back into your inbox at a designated time. This is a great way to cleanse your inbox from those emails which you don’t need to action immediately but will need in the future. Finally, when sending an email you can also ask Boomerang to pull the message back into your inbox if the recipient doesn’t reply within a set time period. This will ensure that you never forget to follow up on important messages.

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Send Using Gmail

If you are a Gmail user you will understand how frustrating it is to click a ‘send email’ link on a website and have Outlook open up. Save yourself the time of closing Outlook, copying and pasting the e-mail address (if it is even listed) and opening a new message by installing the Send Using Gmail app. Next time you click a mailto: link it will open up a new Gmail message as default.

Mail Timer

All of us fall into the trap of sending lengthy emails. Often times we use the process of writing an email to get our thoughts about a certain subject in order when what we should do is get our thoughts in order, summarise them and put the summary in the email response. Mail Timer will help you to pay more attention to how much time you spend on each email. Set yourself a response time limit and Mail Timer will pop up a notification urging you to move on to the next one when the time has expired. Whilst there will always be some emails that require a lot more time and attention, this handy app stops you from getting complaisant and loosing track of time whilst processing your inbox.


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Key Rocket


If you are anything like me you probably think that knowing that ctrl + a is ‘select all’ makes you a bit of a computer whizz. Think how much you time you save with that one shortcut and just imagine how much more time you could save if you knew a few more that specifically helped you to manage the unrelenting barrage of emails you get every day. Gmail has a range of keyboard shortcuts which allow you to create new messages, search, star a message, reply all, and mark as important and so on. Key Rocket is a plug in that will help you to learn these shortcuts in no time at all. Once installed, every time that you complete an action for which you could have used a shortcut, a notification will pop up telling you what you could have pressed to make that action quicker.