The 5 Personalities Every Workplace Has

In a typical office you’ll find there are many different personalities which make up the team. In this post, we explore some characters you’ll almost always find in the great British office setting!

The Classic “Goody Goody”

If you have someone in the office watching your every move and documenting it, always ready to spotlight an error, you’ve got a classic Goody goody in your midst. These people often lurk in the halls trying to eavesdrop on conversations and won’t hesitate to spread the gossip.

Key distinguishing factor: Very close to the bosses and often flying solo.

The Office Loud Mouth

These people are very easy to spot, just listen to the sound they make and follow. They are often overly friendly and make a point of ensuring everyone knows what they are thinking and doing at any given opportunity. In most cases, they also believe they are the most popular of all staff and when found in a conversation will try to dominate the room.

Key distinguishing factor: Noise, noise and more noise.

The “Cover Up”

This is the most stealthy and sharp thinking person in the office. We’ve all seen the person that’s head down and focused saying as little as possible. Do yourself a favor and have a look at their screen if you can and guaranteed they are doing their own thing with zero relevance to actual work. The proclamations of being busy and that serious and focussed look they have mastered is all part of the act which helps them stay under the radar.

Key distinguishing factor: Almost always in a corner desk, screens never visible.

The “Two Face”

Possibly the most common type is the two face. These people work hard to build a relationship purely for their own benefit. They hook you in and get you to confess either great ideas, work concepts and even secrets and in a blink of an eye, they shoot off and claim them as their own and spill the beans!

Key distinguishing factor: Overly friendly and always begin sentences with words like “this is just between us, trust me.”

The Downer

Whether it’s raining, sunny, you got promoted or if the business is growing and everyone got a bonus, there is always the one downer who finds the time and energy to complain and put a negative spin on anything and everything. These people can drain any hope and joy out of a job so the best is to avoid and just keep the conversation to a minimum.

Key distinguishing factor: Often left alone, seldom joins in office activities.