shredded paper

5 Reasons why you should be Shredding

shredded paper

Document shredding is an essential part of running any business, and yet it is often laid aside and forgotten about. Before you know it, you have years worth of data and sensitive information that can be exploited. If you want a business that runs smoothly, get shredding!

Here are five reasons why your business should invest in secure shredding:

  1. 1.    Block Your Competitors

The image of your rivals rifling through your bins may seem surreal, but looking out for important and revealing information in bins and skips is the number one method for those who work in corporate espionage. A lot of sensitive information, including phone numbers, e-mails, and even bank information can be uncovered by rivals and used to harm your business. Shred your documents to keep the right people in the dark.  

  1. 2.    Avoid Identity Theft

11 million people a year are affected by identity theft, and though online identity theft is on the rise, traditional identity fraud that revolves around paper theft is still common. Information about you, your employees or your customer base must be protected when in use and destroyed when no longer needed to make sure identity thieves don’t get their mitts on your info!

  1. 3.    Protect Your Clients

Your clients and customers trust you, including trusting you with their most important details (including information about their clients and customers!). Making sure you shred sensitive documents straight away will cement that trust and will keep the people who rely on you on your side.

  1. 4.    Make your Business Greener

All of the paper that is shredded on our site is recycled – which helps your businesses’ green credentials and decreases your carbon footprint. As the world moves towards a digital age, millions of sheets of paper are still wasted every day. Shredding with us means you ensure that you are not wasting the paper you use and harming the environment. 

  1. 5.    Save Time and Space

Documents take up a lot of space in your offices, and organising and shredding them takes a lot of time. Using a third party shredding service means you can move ahead quickly and confidently, giving you time, space and money!