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Basement Blues: How to Improve Office Life in the Basement

The age of technology is upon us, meaning we have seen a huge growth in the number of start-ups emerging within the market. Competition is fierce not just in terms of inventing inspiring products, but also for office space. Plenty of companies choose to move their offices into the city in order to become more accessible to clients and business opportunities. However, finding an office in London can be particularly challenging considering it’s the most expensive city in the world to rent offices. London’s West End topped the charts last year at an extortionate £1,443 per square metre per year, which is why many start-ups opt for basement space as a cheaper alternative.

Here are a few ways you can spruce up your basement to make office life slightly more bearable:


Working in a basement for a long period of time can cause headaches and fatigue, often triggered by poor or excessive air conditioning as natural air cannot penetrate the office. This means it is essential to keep water levels topped up to ensure you avoid dull headaches and sore eyes that can affect productivity.

Low Light House Plants

Opting for house plants that can survive on fluorescent lighting is also a good way to counteract the negative effects of air conditioning. Plants not only improve air quality but have also been shown to improve memory retention in employees, once again balancing out the effects of low concentration levels caused by dehydration.

Mini Breaks

It is reasonable to suggest that spending eight solid hours in a room with no natural light can drain any remnant of vitality from your being. So despite the increasingly common trend for people to eat lunch at their desks, try to spend lunchtime outside if you want to rejuvenate your mind for the afternoon ahead. Taking short breaks to the local cafe for a healthy snack or a hot drink can also provide you with precious moments of natural lighting throughout the day.

Colourful Posters

Working in a basement can sometimes make you feel as if you are trapped inside a massive cotton ball. Bright lights and white walls begin to merge together, making it hard to distinguish between certain spaces in the office. Although it can’t be compared to the joy of nature’s authentic landscapes, incorporating colourful images of nature around the office can be an opportunity to rest your eyes on something else other than your monitor, whilst also adding a sense of vibrancy to the office.