Four Reasons Why You Should Store your Paper Documents

As we move from paper records to digital solutions, many businesses such as solicitors and medical practitioners still rely on paper documents. Unfortunately managing those documents takes time, money and physical space. A solution to keeping your paper records in touch is document storage. Here are four reasons why you should opt for document storage for your company:

1.     Finding a lost document takes 25 man hours.

Yup. Losing a document that you need to locate quickly will lose you (sometimes significant) time and money, and create a whole heap of stress. Keeping your documents safely stored and managed off-site means that any document can be easily located, scanned and sent to you as soon as possible. Never have another hysterical document hunt in your office again and store your documents.

2.     Your company remains organised and on the ball

Do you have filing cabinets stuffed with papers that haven’t seen the light of day in years? And do you have a system in place that means you can sort and locate your documents quickly and effectively? Let a document storage company file, label and scan your documents for you – and keep them securely stored. This will streamline your business and make managing of paper documents far more efficient. If your stored documents reach the end of their lifecycle, Outbox Documents are also able to shred your documents for you.

3.     Lower Your Risks

The risk of losing a document is lower when everything is stored in a place optimised for security. Motion sensors, fingerprint scanner entry and climate controlled storage spaces are just some of the features of the Outbox vault – nothing leaves our vault unless you expressly request it to leave. The risk of any documents being lost or destroyed is next to nil.

4.     Organisation Leads to Content Employees

Increased productivity, employee morale and creativity are all the benefits of an organised workspace. If you know where everything is, no-one has to worry about the dreaded lost document. Storing paper files also leaves more room for storage and breathing space for employees. A less busy and crowded workplace is a happier workplace.