Getting the Most From a Small Office

Due to the fact that renting an office space is associated with considerable overhead costs and other expenses, most people prefer going for small offices that they can afford. If you have a small office or workspace and would like to make the most of it, be sure to use the following smart tips:

1. Get Rid of Clutter
Having clutter on your desk or working area not only shows how disorganised and careless you are, but also makes your office look smaller. So, if there are any pieces of paper or damaged electrical appliances lying around in the office or working space, make sure you collect and throw them away. Place a bin at one corner of the office to help you get rid of waste papers properly.

2. Think Vertically
Do not let the vertical space behind your desk go to waste. Consider attaching small shelves to the vertical walls where you can store your files and other small office items to warrant desktop space. You can also use wall hooks to hold your coat and keys instead of placing them on top of your desk or hanging them at the back of your chair.

3. Make your Monitor Mobile
Attach your monitor to an adjustable monitor arm so that you can be able to move it out of the way whenever you need more desk space.

4. Rely Less on Paper
By cutting down on paper, you help reduce the need of filing cabinets and other storage areas in the office. Get used to storing your important documents on your computer and printing them out only when necessary.

5. Organise Your Cables
The last thing you need in your small office is tangled cables taking up a lot of space and making your office look like a spider’s web. To prevent this, label all cables for easy identification and organise them in the best way possible. You can tie them together using binder clips, toilet rolls, or bread clips.

6. Decorate the Interior Wisely
Painting your walls with light colours will make your office space appear larger. Avoid using bold patterns on your office furniture and wall hangings since they can make the space seem more cluttered and disorganised. If your office has a window or windows, let in as much natural light as possible and avoid using dark curtains.