Happy Hump Day! Five Ways to Make Wednesday Your Best Day in The Office (We Promise!)

Hump day, which is also known as Wednesday. It’s the day all 9-5 workers dread. Gone is the positivity of the start of the week, and yet Saturday is so out of reach, it’s the mid-week hump that feels like the longest day of the week, and a drag from start to finish.

Or is it? Here are some tips on how to turn the slump of hump day into your favourite day of the week!

Treat Wednesday like Friday

Arrange to go out for lunch instead of scoffing a sarnie in front of your desk. Have a sneaky drink after work (there are lots of drinks deal to get the punters in on the usually dead midweek, but don’t overdo it!). Make a fun plan for the evening. Who says we have to be saintly on a school night?

Put Your Difficult Projects at the start of the week

We are all guilty of putting off our most difficult tasks until straight up to deadline. Instead of starting your bigger projects on a difficult day like Wednesday to be rushed through to the end of the week, do them on Monday and Tuesday instead, so you can face the more difficult half of the week head on.

Arrange meetings for Wednesday

Meetings end in actions and are a good way of reviewing where you are and what you still have to do. They’re also a great way to get your head into a wholly positive space, and for most people it’s a change of pace and a different way of working.

Save your last chunk of Wednesday for Review and Organisation.

By the end of Wednesday your brain can feel pretty fried – save Wednesday afternoon for work and organisation that is vital but doesn’t require too much brain power. Sorting out your calendar, reviewing progress, cleaning up your inbox or the endless folders and files on your laptop. It needs to be done – do it on hump day.

Don’t see hump day as hump day!

Counting the hours and keeping your eye on the clock and the calendar is the worst approach to working. The sentiment of hump day is definitely relatable, but a positive mindset about the Wednesday woes will get you further than you could ever imagine!