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The Most Insane Employee Perks in the World

With the exploding growth of silicon valley and mega-companies such as Facebook and Google comes a new trend of incredible (and some would say insane) employee perks. Some are useful, some are useful, some are just confusing. Have a read of these truly amazing employee perks…

Rental Car

Who? Google

Google will give any employees without company cars a rental car so that they can zip back and forth from the office and run errands like picking up their shopping.

A Clean Shave

Who? DropBox

DropBox has an on-site barber shop, so if you’re feeling scruffy and have a meeting coming up, you can have a professional clean shave, instead of a quick go with a disposable in front of the bathroom mirror.

Yoga Classes

Who? AirBnB

Feeling a little stressed after work and want to have a stretch and a chill out? AirBnB offer free on-site yoga classes so you can roll from your desk onto the yoga mat.

Giant Hammock

Who? Google Pittsburgh

Sitting at a desk isn’t the best position for creativity, which is why Google covers this snag by installing a giant hammock for reading and mulling things over (such as how lucky you are to be in an office where you can hang out in a giant hammock all day).

Bring Your Dog to Work

Who? Pinterest

If it breaks your heart to leave Rover at home while you go and do your 9-5, we highly recommend getting a job at Pinterest. Alongside other tech companies such as EventBrite and Airbnb, Pinterest has made the bold move of allowing employees to bring their (very well trained!) doggy into work!

Free flights (and flights for your family too!)

Who? Southwest Airlines

Free flights is a common perk for an airline, but America’s Southwest sets itself apart by making sure you can take your friends and family with you for free too!

Barista Classes

Who? ThousandEyes

This software company has a state of the art espresso machine in their office – but why have a great coffee machine when no-one can use it or (god forbid) make terrible coffee with it? ThousandEyes employees are given classes on how to make the best espresso they can possibly make with some fun barista lessons.

Free Gym AND Free Sweets

Who? Facebook

You get the best of both worlds at the biggest social network in the world, with employees getting access to a gym to keep fit on lunch hour, and access to an unlimited amount of candy to gain back all those calories they lost during their work out!