Messy Desk? Tips on how to Organise and Streamline your Office.


You can tell a lot about a person from their desk. Some are squeaky clean with not a single document out of place, and others are completely covered with memos and half eaten sandwiches.

A clean and organised office will lead to a clear mind (messiness may traditionally denote creativity, but it can also block creative thinking!), and getting rid of the empty pop bottles, mementoes and finally clearing that in-tray will be the best thing you’ve ever done!

Follow these tips to take the plunge and turn your office around!

Take the Plunge and Fill the Bin Bag

Sometimes you have to be brutal. You may have scrolled an incredible, life changing idea on a piece of paper 6 months, but if it’s still hanging around now, it’s time to throw it away. You only need one glass, one mug, and one mouse. Take some time to look through every item on your desk and ask yourself “do I need this? Does this help me?” Many of us will fill at least one bin bag after going through this process!

Splash out on Stationary

Go to your local stationary shop and invest in some organisational stationary as reward for all of that bin bag filling you just did. Pen holders, desk tidies, sectioned project notebooks, file holders and maybe even a traditional diary will help you reach the point of Organisation Guru.

Less paper = a happier desk.

Using paper is bad for the environment and bad for you. It’s good to look away from your screen and work in a different medium, but paper notes are easy to lose and easy to get messy. Use paper sparingly, never start a new notebook without ending an old one, and don’t let any lose leaves of paper hang around your desk for months.

Face the Fridge

Wherever you work, it’s likely that you share the fridge with a lot of other people, and there’s a lot of complicated politics that revolve around that fridge. Start a revolution by arming yourself with a sponge and getting rid of whatever horrors you may find within. Everyone will thank you!

Store your Documents

Been in the filing cabinet lately? Get rid of that monument to dust and must and get your documents organised and stored remotely instead in a secure facility. This will mean more space in the office and, if you need a document, no time wasted searching for a single piece of paper.