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Moving Office: 10 Tips to Remember

Moving offices (hopefully to a bigger place!) can be a hugely exciting but also disruptive part of a company’s growth. Here are some essential tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible:

1.    Make a checklist with daily tasks two months before the move.

There’s a lot to remember when moving office – break down every task and give it a date – two tasks a day, from small (cancel the milk) to large (sort out a security contract) should cover everything you need to remember as a project manager.

2.    Agree a budget and stick with it.

Make sure your budget is confirmed before you pick up the phone to book any viewings – take into account any moving costs and err on the side of caution – save a little bit of your budget for those inevitable emergencies!

3.    Make as many measurements as possible

Whether upsizing or downsizing, make sure every inch of space is accounted for before you order any furniture. Also measure the height of your walls so that you can take advantage of vertical storage.

4.    Make sure you book a specialist moving firm

Office moving firms will cost a little more, but there will be a smaller chance for disaster and time will be saved. A house moving firm who occassionaly does offices is not your best bet when making your move. Remember to give your mover a full inventory so nothing is missed.

5.    Notify all of your clients and contacts about the address change well in advance.

This seems obvious but can easily slip through the net during the stress of a move – make sure the announcement is made several times, not just through a random email that may easily be missed. Also remember to reorganise your suppliers for food, newspapers, stationary etc.

6.    Make sure broadband and phones are set up well in advance.

These are essential for every single business but they are also the most likely part of the move to have teething problems. The cost of early set up is frustrating, but not as bad as the money you will lose if your broadband goes on the blink and everyone has to go home on day one.

7.    Take floor space into consideration when ordering your furniture

Apply those measurements you took before you go crazy on ordering giant wave desks – think about what is practical and how to best use the space you have.

8.    Don’t move your old files with you – store them!

Moving office is the perfect opportunity to look through old files and decide what to keep and what to store. Instead of moving lots of old files from one office to another, think about securely storing them off site.

9.    Don’t forget a few funky touches – ask everyone for ideas

A new space is a great opportunity to really push your brand and company culture. Ask people in the office what they would like to see in their new office and how the environment could be improved – look into touches like artwork, branding, unusual furniture, break areas etc.

10.  Organise a clean-up of the old office

Don’t forget about what you are leaving behind. Keep time and money in your budget to clean up the old office or hire a cleaning team to sort it out.