Are You an Office Jargon Junkie?

Do you call your holiday ‘annual leave’ or refer to the end of the day as ‘close of play’? Today we are giving you a ‘heads up’ that it is time for an office vocabulary ‘paradigm shift’. If you have started to ask your mates if they would mind ‘touching base’ with you at the pub on Friday, or asking your mum if you can ‘leverage’ her cooking talents by popping over for Sunday lunch then your office speak has been carried too far.


The term ‘office culture’ or ‘business culture’ is of fairly modern advent. These days it would seem that every company is striving to achieve the geek culture of Google or the happiness culture of Zappos.

Drill Down

Have you ever asked a colleague to ‘drill down’ into the data from that new report? Perhaps you also told them to ‘crunch’ the numbers and ‘break them down’ ready for a presentation for the whole team? Talk like this sounds more suitable for a construction site than an office!

Start a Thread

You run out of time to discuss that final meeting agenda point and so you suggest ‘starting a thread’ about it. Apparently ‘discussing it by email’ does not sound suitably smart enough for the 21st century exec.


Ever requested ‘granular’ reports or said that an office process should be broken down into smaller modules for increased ‘granularity’? Granular is a word with the good intention of providing more detail but one that often over complicates our conversations.


Is your delivery scaleable? How about that photocopying process you just implemented? Will it fall apart if an influx of copying comes in? This is another word to add to the unscalable pile of office jargon!


Do you ‘ping’ your team emails or tell clients that you will ‘ping over’ the stats they requested? Ping this word on the rubbish pile pronto!


Do your job adverts state that you are looking for someone who will take ‘ownership’ of their work? This is a word often used hand in hand with ‘buy in’ i.e. “if we can get Johnny to buy in to this project then he will really start to take ownership of it”. Disown these two words before it is too late.

Now we have ‘flagged up’ these jargon phrases and they are ‘on your radar’ it is time for you to take your office vocab to the ‘next level!’