Document storage and shredding services for businesses and individuals in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire

Records Management

We Provide:

  • Free box collection
  • Barcoded cataloguing
  • Fast file retrieval and delivery
  • Humidity controlled storage

Outbox Documents offers a document cataloging service where we index and archive all of your documents using a barcode system.

You will know precisely what documents you have and where they can be found, keeping your company’s data and archives clear and organised.

All of our boxes are placed on racking in a clean, dry and secure storage environment. Once your papers are catalogued, we can identify the location of each individual item instantly.

We can also input your document destruction dates, which alerts us when your documents are due to be shredded and recycled. Depending on your requirements, we can then destroy the documents or notify you of the items due for destruction.

Our destruction alert system helps you avoid paying for document storage boxes that are no longer needed.


Document Retrieval & Scanning

We Can:

  • Electronically scan and send documents
  • E-mail you scanned documents to view online instantly

Outbox Documents offers a quick and reliable scan-on-demand service. We can retrieve a document from storage, scan it and then securely transmit the scans to you without your files having to leave our storage facility. Document copies can be posted, emailed or viewed via our website.

Many customers use this facility as a quick and affordable way to view documents instead of waiting for a next day delivery, with the added bonus of reducing emissions from the delivery in the process.


Document Shredding

We Provide:

  • Secure document destruction
  • A Certificate of destruction
  • Document Recycling

Document shredding ensures that you protect both your company and your clients from fraud or misuse of data, and Outbox Documents’ confidential document shredding service  ensures your files and documents cannot be reconstructed and misused.

All documents are crosscut shredded to a minimum security level of 3 and a certificate of destruction is issued to you for your internal audit trail.

All waste material generated by our shredding service is 100% recycled which benefits your company’s carbon footprint.



Our Self-Storage Facility Has:

  • Competitive prices
  • Enhanced storage conditions
  • Comprehensive on-site security
  • Flexible access

Outbox Documents is proud to offer comprehensive self storage options for all uses either business or domestic.

With 24 hour CCTV coverage, fingerprint access, flexible opening hours and enhanced storage conditions, our sister company Beyond Storage will be able to offer a storage solution to suit you at an affordable price.

We can offer a fully racked, self-contained storage space for personal document storage and management, or we can offer an open storage space to cope with seasonal overstocking or help with an office declutter.


Archive Boxes

Our Boxes Are:

  • Double walled for extra strength
  • Competitively priced

Outbox Documents can supply high quality archive boxes at an affordable price. All of our archive boxes are reinforced with double walls, ensuring a long life and protecting the contents.


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