green office

Ten Easy Ways to Make Your Business Greener

Unplug all computers at the end of the day.

A computer on standby is still using a large amount of energy. Assign a “green officer” in your business to make sure all computers and peripherals such as printers, scanners and speakers are unplugged and off standby. Plugging all your electronics in a central “power strip” will make this easier and less time consuming.

Use your printer sparingly. 

Only print out what is absolutely necessary and don’t print in colour. It can be hard for some people to adapt to this – particularly if they don’t like reading off a screen and can concentrate better when looking at paper, but this is a skill that can be perfected. Give employees a monthly “paper allowance” to save on costs and waste.

Use refillable cartridges. 

Plenty of printer suppliers now also provide a refill service which can cut down not only on toxic plastic waste, but also the price of your ink and toner.

Give your employees incentives to walk, bike or use public transport for work

Bike schemes are now commonplace even in small businesses – this is where a bike is heavily discounted and then those who choose to buy a bike pay in monthly payments directly from their salary. Biking and walking are the greenest ways to get to work with zero emissions. However, if an employee lives further away, encouraging a public transport commute through incentives such as partially funded travel should help the first part of the working day the greenest!

Introduce recycling to your business

So many office supplies can be easily recycled – paper, packaging, food packaging and old equipment. Look into getting a recycling bin for your office and encourage employees to use it – this will make a significant impact on the amount of waste your business makes.

Invest in plants for desks

Plants eat carbon dioxide and emit oxygen – making the air in your office healthier and less stale. This will increase employment happiness and productivity, as well as making your office a greener space in more ways than one!

Use portable air conditioners and heaters

If you work in a smaller office space, look into how you control the temperature. Instead of wasting tonnes of energy on office wide heating and air conditioning, use portable units instead. These units are far greener and waste less energy.

Set your monitor or computer to sleep after 15 minutes of activity

Ditch the screensaver and set your electronic equipment to sleep after a short time. Think of how many times you abandon your computer for a meeting or a phone call – you might as well be saving energy during these times.

Go as digital as possible. 

Businesses are certainly moving forward into the digital age, and innovations such as cloud storage are making this easier. Online banking and communications saves massively on paper and uses little energy.

Introduce a telecommuting scheme

Telecommuting is working from home while still staying in contact with everyone in the office. The green benefits of telecommuting are numerous. This may not work best for your business on a day-to-day basis, but just one telecommuting day per month will make an impact on your green credentials.