Simple Productivity Hacks When Working From Home

Working from home is not a myth nor is it necessarily a perfect dream, despite its numerous advantages. Working remotely brings with it a peace not usually achieved in the work-place but the lack of the hustle and bustle can lead to a false sense of security which can be detrimental to productivity. With that in mind, here are a few healthy tips to keep with the pace whilst working from the confines of your home:

Dress Appropriately
Don’t saunter downstairs in your PJs, unshowered and unkempt; instead, consider dressing smart/casual, ensuring you feel comfortable and professional, helping you to achieve your daily/weekly goals. Of course, the benefits of working at home allow you some leniency in what you wear and taking advantage of this can certainly boost your mental state.

Set Up A Space
It’s imperative to have your own space, a space that is dedicated to you and your work, free from all the old familiar distractions. This helps the mind connect with work, knowing full-well what the room is intended for. This can range from your own bedroom to the loft or the space above the garage, whatever happens to work for you.

Commit To Working Hours
Different people find strength in different hours of the day, whether it be first thing in the morning or after a brisk, healthy lunch. Setting aside a set time for work will aid motivation, giving you something concrete to work for. Utilise your energetic self and turn it into productivity, ensuring everything around the house is done in plenty of time.

To-Do List
Having something written down provides clarity of mind, a set of goals to achieve during the day. It also gives you something less to think about as you’ll have it written down, boosting motivation, ensuring you always have something to do; you need simply to glance at the list and get to work, allowing you to finish at the right time.

Take Advantages
You’re working from home so, by all means, take advantage of that. Dress down a little, play with the children, communicate with friends, take wholesome breaks and lounge in the garden. It will help to provide a healthy mental state and, once over, you’ll be able to get back to work and get on with it with a clear, energetic mind.